EXHIBITION DATES: February 28 to March 21, 2015

Katzman Contemporary’s latest exhibition – in-between-in-between – celebrates the correlations between dance and visual gesture; in particular, the physicality of the body in the generation of graphic imagery. For her premiere showing in Toronto, Vancouver based artist Lyse Lemieux shares a recent overview of her whimsical, bodily drawings, works on paper, and wall installations that consider the process and materiality of her practice. As a precursor to her upcoming shows of new work, Meryl McMaster presents six rare outtakes from the original performances that comprise her In-Between Worlds series, offering alternate poses and close-ups of her choreographed gestures. Contextualized together, the works of both artists underscore the relationship of the body in the creation of visual spaces.



Engaged with experimental drawing for over 25 years, Lyse Lemieux marks her debut appearance in Ontario with this late winter exhibition at Katzman Contemporary. This will be followed by an early summer national survey focusing on the expanded field of drawing at Oakville Galleries. She is also preparing for a two-person show with Allison Hrabluik for the Tatjna Pieters Gallery in Ghent, Belgium in the early fall of 2015, along with two solo shows in BC scheduled for late fall 2015 and early spring 2016 with Republic Gallery and Richmond Art Gallery respectively.

Lemieux’s artistic focus is twofold: maintaining a balance in-between representation and abstraction, and keeping a relationship to line that is somatic and unmediated. For Lemieux, drawing is about and from the body. The procedures of assembling, lifting, cutting, and gluing become a dance, a choreography, that at times features small, quiet gestures, and at other times highlights large, turbulent ones.


Meryl McMaster currently is in-between preparing for two concurrent solo new shows in early fall with Katzman Contemporary and the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in Santa Fe, and prolifically is featuring her past work in solo and group exhibitions across Canada (Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Dunlop Art Gallery, Mendel Art Gallery, and FOFA Gallery).

As a unique gesture for this exhibition, McMaster revisits the multiple photographs of the choreographed gestures from her In-Between Worlds series. She selected six new perspectives from the original performances – two each from Wingeds Calling, Wind Play, and Harbinger of Sudden Departures – offering profound variations from the original photographs that add new dimensions and interpretations. These new variations are personal, playful, and intimate, which diverges from the objectivity invested in the original narratives. Also on display will be McMaster’s Murmur miniseries, which is also situated in-between her larger solo shows. McMaster’s work continues to embody performance and dance in the creation of narrative visuals.

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