AutoFeeling image.jpg


On View:
July 18 to August 8, 2015

Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 18
from 2 – 5







Featuring artwork by: Steven Beckly, Simon M. Benedict, Patrick Cruz, Brandan Doty, Erika Dueck, John Haney, Maegan Harbridge, Minwoo Lee, Paul MacIntryre, Maegan Rose Mehler, Janine Miedzik, Jasmine Reimer, and Ambera Wellmann

AutoFeeling educes a split-motivation – automatic and involuntary, regular and repeated, mechanical and habituated … it looks like breathing, it sounds like hearts beating – conversely, yet somehow equally, it is also the state of unconsciousness, an inability to forecast. To work under the condition of an AutoFeeling is to investigate by Feeling. As an immediate sense and sensibility, AutoFeeling is an intuitive understanding – fluid like a mood, it is subject to fluctuation.

Each work in this exhibition displays openness towards intention and desire as a means of surrendering control within the ritual of making. Some works are brashly expressive: bent metal, dripped paint, and crumpled duct tape; crooked effigies, streaked and erased, rude and rough, composed of fragmented and seemingly illogical objects whose immediate associations are uncertain. Others are meticulously rendered: delicate, skilled strokes revealing figurative accuracy and sensual patterns; seamlessly conjoined collages; and prosaic photographic captures. The inquisitiveness on display in this exhibition speaks to a dedication in experimentation.

A catalogue accompanying the exhibition, including an essay by Jasmine Reimer and Aaron Weldon, will be available through Katzman Contemporary.

This exhibition is presented with the support of the School of Fine Arts and Music, University of Guelph.