Katzman Contemporary Presents
A Performative Installation By CCC (Braden Labonte & Angela Shackel)

One-Day Only – Saturday, January 23
From 3 – 8 p (Performance at 5 p)

Katzman Contemporary presents HOLD ON HOLD ON SOME THINGS LAST FOREVER, a one-day showing of an ongoing and evolving performative installation by CCCBraden Labonte (visuals) & Angela Shackel (audio). HOLD ON HOLD ON SOME THINGS LAST FOREVER is a site specific installation made of loose sand that is presented in a state of flux and deterioration for the duration of the exhibition.

Accompanying the installation are responses by poets and writers who were invited to create original works in reaction to the themes of the exhibition. The writings have been recorded, cut up, and re-ordered into a layered phonograph disk that accompanies the work. These hand-cut monotype audio disks with a zoetrope animated surface and hand-printed sleeves are limited to an edition of 32 unique copies, and are available for purchase at the exhibition for $45.

Exhibition Statement:

In Babylon once stood the Ishtar Gate, a fortified ingress of brilliant blue. How did such a wonder ever spring up, perhaps 2,600 years ago? Built by Nebuchadnezzar II is history’s shorthand, iterated in every encyclopedia and guidebook, including our own. This reductive phrase reminded us of Hampton Court and Henry VIII, of Versailles and Louis Quatorze too, and of other monarchs besides who snatched glory with un-callused hands: power and gold their only graft. Remembering them we forgot the workers who baked the bricks and piled them high, who sawed the cedar wood and hauled it along. That unremembered rabble fell nameless by the wayside giving memory the slip. And what of the divine dedicatee in all this – that goddess of love, war, fertility and sex, of whom we read? Surely it was she who drove them all, labourers and king alike?


Artist Biographies:

CCC is a collective composed of two artists – Angela Shackel (audio) and Braden Labonte (visual). Through their practice, CCC creates alternative environments that engage ideas of time, place, labour, and the history of the archival object.

Members of CCC have exhibited works in Canada, Europe, the US, and the UK. CCC has also had the opportunity to work with and exhibit at such institutions as the CCA (Glasgow), the former BBC HQ (London), Princeton University (New Jersey), and The Koffler Centre for the Arts (Toronto).

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For additional information, or to inquire about this exhibition, preview opportunities, and/or general gallery questions, please contact us at info@katzmancontemporary.com.

CCC would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council, and The Canada Council for the Arts in realizing these projects.