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Delta City

On View: April 2 to April 30
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 2 from 2 to 5 p


Delta City is a procedurally generated digital construct, existing in four stages of complexity. These stages can be ordered in time to either evoke a utopian emergence of complex structures or their entropic disintegration. Delta City’s crystalline topography simulates the fatal determinism of natural geological processes, but its changing form was generated by directly modelling the evolution of Toronto’s urban architecture from the postwar period to the present. The geometry of Delta City is constrained to the dimension of the vinyl composition tile used in its construction; a material that has been a staple in institutional architecture from the late 1940s onward. Delta City’s modular design allows for a variety arrangements of its 400 discrete sections in four available colour stories: Zero Festival, Shadowrun, Walden Moss, and Absolute Plum.


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Artist Statement:

Dustin Wilson’s transmedia art practice includes a diverse array of media and modes of working. He has come to define all modes of working, whether a participatory action, performance, video, or installation, as being either a process or product of modelling. Rather than producing discrete art objects, Wilson describes his work as the production of “new media objects.” The media theorist Lev Manovich describes these objects as being an organization of information in any media type at any scale. While the objects Wilson produces express the formal qualities of post-digital construction, he views these works as interfaces; a continuation of the action based quality of digital media; as processes rather than conclusions. His practice proposes the new media object as a narrative form that can synthesize game structures and spatial storytelling into a collaborative engine for narrative art. Wilson revels in the chaotic interactions and meanings produced by operating within a complex and operational simulation and the resulting dialectic of interpretation and deconstruction that complexity produces.

Artist Biography:

Based in Toronto, Dustin Wilson received his BFA from Mount Allison University, and his MFA from the University of Guelph. His projects have been featured in galleries and artist run centres across Canada. In 2014, Wilson formed the game-based research entity Friends of Ogden Park in collaboration with Ella Dawn McGeough. His practice of futurological research has been featured as a cover story in Blackflash Magazine. Wilson has received funding from Quebec Council of Arts and Lettres and the Canada Council for the Arts.

As a 2015 recipient of the Chalmers Fellowship Grant, Wilson gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Chalmers Foundation.


For additional information, or to inquire about this exhibition, preview opportunities, and/or general gallery questions, please contact: info@katzmancontemporary.com.


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