Geronimo Inutiq

Geronimo Inutiq is an accomplished artist specializing in electronic music production, deejaying, as well as digital image and video production. Having been exposed to strong traditional Inuit cultural elements in his youth, as well as the worlds of modern art and broadcast through close members of his kin, Inutiq has been able to weave those multiple reference points into his artistic practice in innovative ways. Guided by the notion that creative personal expression is a subjective and individual experience, he is interested in the dialogue that emerges between the individual and the increasingly large and complex interrelated circles of socially constructed systems of meaning.

His work has been featured and performed in the Museum of Civilization of Quebec; Beat Nation; transmediale and club transmediale festivals in Berlin; Material Experiments at ImagineNative 2015; as well as the ARCTICNOISE project. Geronimo Inutiq’s work was part of the Contemporary Native Art Biennial in 2016.