Jeannie Thib | Imprint

February 1 to February 18, 2014

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, February 1, 3 to 6p

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                                                               Jeannie Thib,  Medallion  (2013, incomplete work)

                                                              Jeannie Thib, Medallion (2013, incomplete work)

Jeannie Thib led an outstanding career. She was an integral part of the Katzman Contemporary roster, an inspiration and influence to the artistic community, and an irreplaceable friend to many. In the spirit of her remarkable artistic contributions, Thib’s career will be celebrated at the inaugural exhibition of Katzman Contemporary on February 1, 2014.

Accompanying Thib’s work will be artistic responses by four contemporary artists, Randy Groskovic, Shelley Miller, Meghan Price, and Pete Smith, as a tribute to her artistic legacy.

Imprint features seminal works from multiple eras of Thib’s career to offer a holistic instance of her practice and artistic ethos. Many of the included sculptural and wall works have not been shown in Toronto, and never together in this context.

In conjunction with this tribute exhibition, Katzman Contemporary is also producing a portfolio of limited edition multiples, inspired by Thib’s last unfinished piece, Medallion (2013). A portion of the proceeds from the portfolio will be donated to a scholarship foundation in the artist’s name. Contributors for this portfolio include: Alison Alder, Millie Chen, Allyson Clay, Noelle Cuppens, Ellen Dijkstra, Doug Guildford, Libby Hague, Patrick Mahon, David Merritt, Olaf Mooij, Ed Pien, Penelope Stewart, Joy Walker, and Johannes Zits. 

We are honoured and humbled to have Jeannie Thib | Imprint to mark the launch of Katzman Contemporary. As one of our most prolific, professional, and personable artists, whose marriage of art and architecture transforms spaces into aesthetic experiences, Thib’s forward-thinking aesthetic encapsulates the essence of our mandate to generate vibrant discussions and explorations of current developments in visual culture, both locally and beyond. 

Katzman Contemporary is the new iteration of the former Katzman Kamen Gallery and the original Leo Kamen Gallery. With a critical directorial vision, refined mandate, and new location, Katzman Contemporary is growing and expanding from its original ethos and roster of artists to include new visions and international exchanges. 

For additional information, or to inquire about this exhibition, preview opportunities, portfolio pre-sale, and/or general gallery questions please contact us at info@katzmancontemporary.com